Masterclass is back! Get ready to experience a day that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered for your role in youth ministry.

Being a youth coordinator that has the ability to form and spearhead a team is a crucial skill for fostering a ministry that lasts. Teresa McGrath, Associate Director of the Parish Leadership team at Evangelisation Brisbane will be taking us through what mastering the art of leading a team looks like, and how to do that.

If you are a youth leader who is part of a team, you have many gifts to share as you support the mission of the team. Zac Parnell from the Youth team at Evangelisation Brisbane will be equipping you to become the best you can be at your craft. Whether your special skill is photography, builiding relationships, administration, leading games… each leader has something to offer that, when working together as the whole Body of Christ, will build the Kingdom.

Get ready to be the leader God has called you to be – we’ll see you there!

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